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hey, what's up? :) could you recommend me any good johnlock fics? i've ran out of things to read and there's hw to procrastinate.

Yeah, of course! This will be long though, because I don’t know what you’ve read before and/or your preferences. Sorry about the public reply but I may want to add on to this later.

Right now I’m reading Words of One Syllable [fantastic deaf!lock] as well as The Hollow Now [like everyone else] and The Cost of a Wish [a cool xxxHolic fusion]. 

Some nice fics that I enjoyed but haven’t read in a long time [some commonly-recced fics are in here, but I make no promises as to their quality because it’s been a while]:

Very recently read and enjoyed:

Some classics and my all-time favourites [aka the “if you haven’t read these STOP EVERYTHING” list]:

The fics that broke my soul:

*shifty eyes*

I have no shame and only a few epithet-related regrets. These descriptions are bad because it’s almost 2am…

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